Don Papa Rum in Sugarlandia

Guest Post by Tommy Brady

The Philippines is the home of Sugar, Smiles, Islands and of course Don Papa Rum! What more could you want from a country?

After a very relaxing and pleasent flight with FLYPAL, Direct to Manila, I was straight away welcomed by the beautiful heat and the smiles of the locals. We drove straight to the hotel where we were welcomed by the Don Papa team, Rum cocktails and the low down of our Don Papa adventure ahead of us!

The first night after a beautiful meal myself and a few others decided to take up a offer of a welcome night out on the town, which ended up being an all-nighter due to jet lag kicking in and giving us a second wind, however the following morning we got straight down to business flying out to Barangay, the home of one of Don Papa’s sugar plantations and mills where they convert the sugarcane to molasses. I was taken back by the scale of the opporation and also how efficient the prossess is with the factory actually acting as a power plant at the same time, feeding electricity back into the grid. It was like a real life Willy Wonka Factory minus the Umpa Lumpas…

From the sugar feilds of Barangay we traveled to Bago the home of Don Papa’s Distillery where they convert the raw Molasses into Don Papa Rum. The size of the site was huge, so large in fact that we had to be driven around the site by van and shown the different stations at the Distillery, how they play their roles and of course the aging process of the Rum!

After seeing and learning about the Production of Don Papa Rum, it was time to enjoy it in the best place possible. We traveled out to Lakawon Island – A tropical paradise habituated by only a hotel and floating restaurant, there we took the opportunity to kick back, enjoy some Rum, Sun and the great company we had found ourselves in, It was sad to leave.

It was time to head back to Manila and enjoy the Capital in style, myself and the team were put up in the Fermont Hotel where we enjoyed the last couple of days enjoying rum soaking up the local culture with trips to the local food and drink markets… We discovered that Don Papa and the local ginger beer went great together!

Finally I’d like to say a massive thank you to the Don Papa Team for giving me an experience I’ll never forget and for leaving me with a sweet taste of a great truly great Rum!


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