Esprit: The Housewarming of Gala Gonzalez & Miguel Carrizo

A beautiful autumn morning in Amsterdam set the mood for the day ahead. After spending the evening at The Hoxton hotel on the banks of one of Amsterdam’s famous canal’s I awoke feeling uncharacteristically spritely. The location for the event was a huge loft space a few minutes and a couple of canals walk away.

We were gathered for the housewarming of Gala Gonzalez & Miguel Carrizo, the two subjects of Esprit’s #Us2 #ImPerfect AW16 campaign. A play on words, #ImPerfect could read “I’m Perfect” or near enough the polar opposite “Imperfect”. The campaign is about not only the acceptance, but rather a celebration of our imperfections, which can form the foundations of our close relationships.

Following a quick round of intros we sat down for breakfast comprising a safely splendid egg and avocado on toast alongside fresh fig and ricotta on toast.

With our bellies full it was time for the styling session with stylist extraordinaire Caroline Fuchs. Caroline took the time to demonstrate how you can base many different looks based on the same key item. In her examples she used a range of jackets from the AW16 collection.

Following the presentation from Caroline we had a browse through a selection from the collection and of course I plucked the black leather out of the lineup without a second glance. A classic bomber style with elastic cuff’s it’s finished with stainless hardware and a removable faux fur collar in jet black. I’ll definitely be wearing as more of a smart item although it would also be cool to remove the fur collar and dress it down with a hoody or longline tee. I was also really surprised at the really price. Takin to account the quality and weight of the jacket it’s coming in 3 or 4 times lower than comparable jackets from other brands.This was also a really great opportunity to meet Gala & Miguel and some of the other bloggers and influencers present and catch up with the team I worked with in Santorini just a month or so back.

Lunch was finger food, Esprit branded mini burgers and fries with truffle mayonnaise to start, a lovely noodle stir fry for main followed by cake pops and brightly coloured macaroons all taking from Esprit’s colour scheme, red white and blue.

It wasn’t long before we head outside into the crisp autumn afternoon for a boat ride along the canals. During the boat ride I was lucky to spend some time with Gala & Miguel. I really don’t think Esprit could have picked a better couple (although not a ‘couple’ Gala hastened to interject haha) to represent the brand and campaign message.

It’s always an absolute pleasure to work and spend time with the creative team at IMA and Esprit. To be completely honest, it doesn’t even feel like work, just a bunch of friends hanging out and feeding off each other’s creativity. I am truly blessed to call this my job. Thank you!!

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