VO5 #DiscoverYourStyle – Wildlife Festival

After arriving home late Thursday afternoon from The Philippines I quickly set my alarm for first thing Friday. VO5 were sending myself & Tommy Brady to WildLife Festival near Brighton for the weekend to ‘Discover Our Style’

Upon arriving at Hotel Una in the center of Brighton we immediately bumped into a few familiar faces, a couple of old friends Billy Huxley and Carlos Costa. At this point we knew it was definitely gunna be a good one!!

A quick bag drop then off to Cutter & Grinder, an old school Chicago style barber set in a unique location just off the main high street. We were warmly welcomed by the team and introduced to the proprietor and Master Barber Hossein Hamdollahi. After a quick consultation Tommy decided to sharpen up his fade and seeing as I’m currently growing my hair settled with a rather indulgent wet shave around my neckline.

I have to add that this was probably the best wet shave I’ve ever had. As I obviously don’t shave particularly often I usually experience the dreaded ‘chicken skin’, that horrible post shave rash. This was completely non-existant and I was left feeling refreshed and siky smooth. Following this I had the pleasure of chatting with stylist Skye about various styles, musical interest and how these can influence your style and how you can use the VO5 products to achieve this.

VO5 #DiscoverYourStyle

Whilst my hair is pretty free flowing at the moment, its also pretty hard to control as it’s that awkward length between short and long and has a hell of a lot of volume. Using the my favourite VO5 product, the ‘Rough It Up Putty’ I’m able to tame the back and the side whilst keeping it natural looking and not forced into position. Applying the product from the back of my neck and upwards then forwards through the sides I’m able to keep a slim profile, keeping the sides in and under control and keeping the back a little tighter than it would otherwise be. I tend to leave the top completely natural to fall however it pleases.

In the evening the team treated us to dinner at The Set restaurant, 2 minutes from the hotel. Seeing as I was running on fumes off the back of nearly 36 hours travelling the previous few days (and getting old lol) I thought it’d be wise to hit the sack to wake up lively to make the most of the festival!

We all had a great afternoon, chilling out, seeing a few acts and generally chatting sh*t and enjoying ourselves. It was great to catch up with Billy & Carlos as it’d been a while. Musical highlights were probably De La Soul & Flume at the Big Top stage. We partied pretty hard into the night culminating in busting some pretty terrible (but fun) moves at the Warehouse stage until we called it a night at around 1am.

It was really cool to see how the artists style influenced the audience, this was most obvious when moving about the different stages and seeing different acts. Throughout the summer VO5 are going to be guiding us through a number of other festivals to see what other styles we can discover!

Have a gander through my snapchat story below to fill in the gaps (Disclaimer… I can’t be held responsible for any questionable language / actions / dancing featured in the video hahaha)



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