Men’s Grooming – Eyebrows

Male grooming is definitely one of the fasting growing cosmetic industries with new companies providing “masculine acceptable” cosmetic products cropping up left right and centre and the main players developing new product lines to cater for this market.

Having said that there are still a lot of treatments and products that I feel men still aren’t comfortable discussing and taking advantage of. After posting a before and after photo of myself before the beard I was surprised to read more comments about my brows than the beard!

The problem: Having red hair is a blessing and a curse. Whilst the hair on my head is a flaming beacon of uniqueness I’m left with pretty much invisible brows. For someone that likes to communicate with facial expressions this is an issue!

The solution: The first solution would be to use a brow pencil, however that would require daily attention as well as the skill to actually pull it off without looking like a disaster! This leaves dying them, or rather tinting. I think I initially had the idea to do this after seeing the results of a shoot where the makeup artist had really paid a lot of attention and darkened my brows significantly. I looked at the images and thought “why can’t I look like that all the time??”.

There a loads of places you can get this done including makeup counters in a lot of stores or specialist shops if you’d prefer not to be gawked at by people passing by. Trust me, a 6’4 ginger man with a beard getting his brows done does attract a few funny looks.

On a more serious note, just because the treatment is labelled a “beauty treatment” don’t let that put you off and make you feel emasculated. The results are subtle and natural looking, but equally can transform the overall look of your face.

Prices range from around £12 – £20 which in my opinion is a small price to pay to increase my facial expression repertoire significantly! Here’s the evidence:

For further info and a whole host of places you can get this treatment locally to you check out and the ‘Treatment Files‘ for an elaboration and commentary on my article


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