Canada Goose X Pitti Uomo #90

Last week I had the pleasure of heading to Italy with Canada Goose and attending Pitti90, the 90th season of Pitti Uomo in Florence. Pitti Uomo is Italy’s premiere, and one of the world’s most important platform for menswear and accessory collections.

As a showcase for what I guess you have to call ‘dandyism’ there’s no mistaking you’re at Pitti when you step out of the car in Florence during ‘Pitti Week’. Peacock here, peacock there, everywhere a peacock… The style is impeccable!!

Although dandy isn’t one of the first words, or ninety seventh, that might spring to mind when describing Canada Goose, they certainly fit into the ‘impeccable style’ category and have made a home at Pitti.

Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose are one of Canada’s, if not the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury apparel. Function and performance are at the forefront of design, however style and appearance come up a close third in a list of qualities you’d attribute to the brand.

Although Canada Goose is renowned for protection from the (cold) elements whether that be exploration of the Arctic, Everest, or even the blustery winter streets of Toronto, they also put together a really strong Spring collection. To explain the design and technology behind the collection I was given a personal showing of the new Spring ’17 men’s range which was very enlightening.

You can break the collection down into 4 main categories;

  • Ultralight Windwear
  • Heavy Windwear
  • Ultralight Down
  • Lightweight Softshells

My favourite, and the one you can see me wearing in this post is the Cabri Hoody, although I was also really impressed by the Albanny Crew sweater pictured above.

I definitely need to visit again next season, and hopefully spend a bit more time as Florence is a truly beautiful city!

All photos by Giulio Aprin


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