Antony Morato: SS16

Antony Morato is an Italian menswear company founded on the principles of traditional Italian tailoring combined with an ultra-modern flare.

I was asked to look through the new additions to the SS16 collection and put together my favourite looks. After a solid few hours of browsing I decided to keep the styling tight sticking with their tailoring, yet dressing down the suits to a more casual aesthetic. For the first look I went for the classic double breasted suit with a horizontally stripped knit. With complementing colours it’s like they were made for each other, although the knit is very versatile and looks just as good with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans.

I thought I’d push the boat out a little with the second look and go a little out of my comfort zone. This single breasted suit is navy with quite a bold irregular polka dot print. I thought it would be a challenge to try to dress this without looking like a member of the cast of ‘Entourage’ hitting the strip in Vegas…. I chose to pair the vibrant pattern of the jacket and trousers with a simple close fitting white tee and navy / white trainers to keep it casual,

For more details on their #IAMWHOIAM campaign click here to check it out

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