K-Way – Hiking Mount Snowdon

Looking forward to a few days out of the city myself and a few friends set off to conquer the highest peak south of the Scottish border, Mount Snowdon. After a somewhat painful drive lasting close to 8 hours we arrived at the campsite at around 2am. A struggle with a gigantic 6 man tent in what must have been gale force winds ensued.


We woke to torrential rain and high winds and I’m not ashamed to say were considering sacking off the hike and spending the day in the tent warms by tea and spam sandwiches. However a gap was spotted in the clouds and by midday we had clear skies and we making our way to the Ranger Path.

I haven’t yet mentioned the K-Way waterproof I was equipped with as it was neatly tucked into itself and tucked neatly away in my bag. However a few hours in, as the temperature dropped it was time to pull it out and put it to its paces. It did a pretty damn good job of keeping the wind off me and as the hike got a little more strenuous was easy to take off and fold it away in its pocket and carry up around my waist using the elastic strap.

Three and a half hours later after experiencing some truly magical views and scenery we seemed to be entering a cloud with constant freezing cold moisture floating in the air. It was then I was truly thankful for the jacket!! A couple of hours later having come down the Rhyd Ddu path back to the nearest village we obviously headed to the nearest pub to recharge with some bangers & mash and a good ale.

Overall I’d say the jacket was very well designed being very light, easy to tuck away and carry. The only negatives were due to the waterproof nature of the material it did get a little sweaty during the more strenuous parts of the hike.

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